Monday, 13 February 2012

At the weekend

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Hope you all had a good weekend. It's been cold here so mostly I stayed in, baked and cooked. Did you do anything fun at the weekend?


  1. your weekends always bring delight.
    I laughter how you say its really cold there and then looking up we see a drawing of you in a swimsuit:)
    I make a really wonderful stew with lamb and okra that originates in Egypt.

  2. your weekend seemed so great !
    I'm VERY impressed with the outdoor swimming ! OH MY !
    and the layout is very original !
    Lunch out & crafting with the boys was the highlight of my weekend

  3. Looks like your weekend was much more exciting than mine! What are potions??

  4. What a fabulous weekend! Water, friends, baking, creating and cooking! Waht more could a gal ask for?
    xox, Diana