Friday, 10 February 2012

The Magic

I've been experimenting with how to paint the magic in the story book. I'm happy with some of the effects so far, like the stamping from before and now with these watery paint splatters. I'm trying to combine all these different ideas and effects, but haven't managed quite yet. Lots more to be done before it's even nearly ready. Wishing you a happy weekend. x x


  1. Love the text on the tab of the browser: „Today I Saw: The Magic“. : )
    I like the first image best, this sparkly whirlwind. (The girl could be less round though, and more oval as we humans are.)
    Thanks for sharing your process. That is encouraging.
    Love, *k

  2. I like the swirly effect in the top image, definitely the most magical of the three if you ask me.

  3. Love them all pretty! x

  4. I really love them all. As you're using the same colour combinations maybe you could use them all. Fantastic fun, I want to read it now!
    Now Gracie just walked in and said the same as me, she likes them all too :)

  5. Wow. I just love this so much!!

  6. i really like these. the first one especially. you have captured childhood magic perfectly!

  7. I do think you achieved the effects successfully !
    these are so so great, I'm looking forward to seeing more !!