Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Festive cheer

I'm in a right mood today. A cold. Presents still to make. Having to go to 'Europe's busiest shopping street' this morning. Say no more.
At least I've got glitter on my nails and I'm making gifts out of vintage fabric flowers.

I've been taking photos of each present I've made so I'll get to show them soon. Hope each of you is remaining cheery.


  1. Oh no! A cold, a gift from a little angel in your class no doubt. As misery loves company you might like to know I have my first cold in several years and it a real drag!
    Hope to see you soon :)

  2. shimmershiny lovely!
    breathe breathe:
    the spaces will become wider for the things we love ☯

  3. Love your nails! Get well soon!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. those nails are amazing
    wish you a speedy recovery

  5. That's what I call fun holiday nails, love them! I hope they make you happy, you can look at them when you stand in line when you are shopping :-)