Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bright Corners

I've finished work for Christmas now. School broke up yesterday. I now have five days to make presents and do anything I want to do before leaving to go and visit family. I've spent recent evenings laying on the couch so haven't any craft projects to share. I'll photograph the presents I make and share them after Christmas. I've mentioned how much I'm enjoying being at home at the moment. So I thought, rather than just being silent, I'd share photos of the 'bright corners' with you. Sorry I didn't tidy for you : )

Wont you come in?
A very handmade wreath on our door.

Come straight into the living room and we'll put the fire on (although I'm pretty terrible at lighting fires!)

My good friend Jo Blaker sends me the most wonderful cards

My Gran wove this rug and I think she dyed the wools too. I've decided it's our Christmas rug to come out only for a few weeks a year.

 Choose a book from our little library? What to cook?

Christmas cards still waiting to be sent.

One side of our living room is taken up with my crafts. My desk is a busy (and messy) place.

Necklaces I've made and necklaces I've found and treasure.

Inspiring books I've borrowed from the school library, filled with wonderful photos and illustrations.

Pretty shells hanging from the wall.

And through the hall way to the kitchen.

Look out the window

Study the plants.

Don't look at the dust whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.

Hope you are having an enjoyable and cosy weekend at home (avoiding those shops!)


  1. Thank you for a virtual tour round your lovely home!
    Happy Christmas!

  2. You must have the coziest flat in town. And just so you know, I don't notice dust, I'd just keep enjoying those plants!

  3. I absolutely ADORE your hallway-to-kitchen space. How much you want for it?? ;)

  4. Oh I love your flat. Lovely things to share!And I spotted some sea glass too!Great! Enjoy the free week!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. I love your home, it looks so cosy and hearty! From the "wild" wreath at your door, to the loved rug made by your grandmother, all the handmade stuff and the little sign leading you to the right books on the shelf :-)

    I will make some small things to during the days left until Christmas, some decorations and maybe one or two handmade gifts. And you inspire me!

  6. I recognise those plants from a lovely postcard on my dresser! Enjoy your time at home and Happy Christmas :D

  7. what a beautiful tour of your lovely flat

  8. your place is just like you
    warm, welcoming, happy, sweet, cozy, colorful & adorable
    thank you so much for the tour
    I enjoyed it more than you could think
    I hope you've spent a lovely & cozy weekend at home

  9. Fun to get a peek into your home, looks warm and inviting... and LOVE your handmade wreath!

  10. for such a nosey woman as me.. your post is bliss. I loved snooping :-) Lovely things to see too. Thanks... it gave me a little moment of respite amongst the business of festive preparation. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx