Monday, 26 September 2011

At the weekend

This last weekend was a real nice one. So I've decided that instead of posting the usual 'At the Weekend' drawing I'd share bits of the weekend throughout the week.

It started on Friday morning. I got up early to make pancakes. It was Daniel's 30th birthday. I gave Daniel his birthday present which you can see in detail here. I'd planned a surprise camping trip to go and stay in some very luxurious yurts with our friends. I made Daniel a yurt card to explain all, including the weekend menu!

Back tomorrow with drawings from the weekend.
Hope you had a fun weekend? Thank you for stopping by!


  1. What a gorgeous little card/idea... Love it!! What a lucky man :)

  2. oh wow. that is actually amazing. i sort of wish you were my girlfriend ;)

  3. my gosh ..... you know how to prepare a birthday trip !!!!
    what a card, and what a trip, what an extraordinary gift for Daniel !
    (and btw, happy belated birthday to him !!)
    you are the best, Jill
    I bet you all had a memorable time !

  4. Oh I wish someone would make me a card like that! I think I will be making some pretty heavy hints to my Husband before my next birthday :D

  5. What a fabulous idea! I hope Daniel loved it!

  6. lovely card and painting. m.x

  7. i will let you be my next big birthday planner.
    It is okay, don't worry it is many years off

  8. daniel must be very happy about this wonderful card!