Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Yurts

Thank you for your lovely comments yesterday about the card I made for Daniel. Today I'm sharing a watercolour 'story' of what it was like in the yurts. I couldn't recommend this place enough. It was beautiful, peaceful, every detail considered and eco friendly. If you live in England you should check it out here. I'm interested to know have any of you stayed in a yurt before? This was my first time.

On friday evening after work we took the train to Suffolk. When we arrived at the 'campsite' the taxi drove us down a path leading us to a grand thatched cottage. Behind the cottage where the yurts. It was dark and we couldn't really see the site but oh the stars above. We were lead through the field to the yurts. As the wooden doors opened we looked into a cozy, lantern lit yurt. I was so surprised to see a wooden floored, beautifully hand crafted place to stay. We slept so well in the comfy beds as the wood fire crackled. In the morning as I woke I looked up to see the blue sky shining through the sky light. I'd love to stay there in summer when the perspex cover is removed and I'd be able to clearly see the stars as I lay in bed. Oh the stars! We could see so many stars at night!

Daniel and I shared our yurt with Hatty. There's two double beds in each yurt. Early in the morning as Hatty opened the door we looked out at grassy pathways amidst the field, surrounded by trees and able to see the other yurts not far away.

I began to potter around, making cups of tea, putting the coffee on and preparing breakfast for our small group. This was the view from the kitchen. I knew it was going to be a good weekend. I'd managed to find a little haven.


  1. to camp in a yurt is on my bucket list
    your painting are so wonderful jill.

  2. Wow - as I am in the UK I am off to follow that link...the hints to Hubby will get more specific!! :D

  3. it sounds like such a treasure spot. yurt. even the word is cool.

  4. you really rock watercolors!
    loved your paintings