Monday, 22 August 2011

At the weekend

Good morning! Homemade granola for breakfast makes a good start to the week. I'm off to work today to start setting up my classroom. Exciting! Here's what I got up to over the last two weekends. Did you get up to anything fun over the weekend?

Firstly, here is the At the Weekend from when I was on holiday in Spain last week~

And here is this weekends ~

Click on the images (and click again) to see more details.

Have a good start to your week.


  1. wOw you've been busy!
    I went to the South Bank with my friend Lou:
    their were beach huts in front of the Royal Festival Hall and bunting made by people from our hometown!
    good luck in your new classroom:
    what lucky children to have you as their teacher ^_^

  2. I love both drawings, and what I love more is that you had such great times !! Thinking about you as you start working with your new class. The boys will go back to school in two weeks.

  3. Awesome drawings. I especially like the one with you jumping in the pool after tequila shots. Oh, that tequila.

  4. Lovely catching up with your blog today. Those multi-illustration pages are really sweet. Spain, I know has been very hot - my son has been there, too, lately. I hope Paris will be cooler for him. Anyway, gorgeous maxi dress!

  5. your weekends always make me smile

  6. your summer is looking so good. i am longing for our climate to warm up! good luck with the start of the new school year :)

  7. Looks like a good trip! I like the supermarket.