Sunday, 21 August 2011

Summer, summer......

We are back from our trip to Spain. It was a nice week of collecting shells, watercolour painting, eating good food, swimming in the sea and day-tripping (to Malaga and to Rhonda). Tomorrow it's back to work for me. My four weeks of summer holiday has come to an end, but oh it was sooo nice whilst it lasted. I'm excited to spend the next two weeks preparing my classroom for the children. Back tomorrow with postcards and two At The Weekend. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. You a such a creative and inspiring girl! i love reading your blog and looking at your beautiful illustrations. And how great that you're working with children. if I hadn't chosen studies in classical music, I would have become a teacher to... (But I guess I can still become a music teacher :))
    Have fun preparing the classroom! I'm looking forward to your uploads...

    xx Viola

  2. I adore the green anemone and mussel shell ^_^
    we have little bowls of shells and stones collected on our travels, all over our house!

  3. these are so good, you could totally sell them as a summer prints set ! or make cards with them. Or whatever ... they're so so beautiful !

  4. Your drawings are so colourful and delicate looking.