Monday, 7 February 2011

Through my letter box

There was a bit of a mix up with this weeks interview so I hope you don't mind but it's been rescheduled to next week. Instead you'll just have to listen to me bragging about my latest postal treats!: ) I've been really lucky recently. I love to receive post and in the last few weeks I've received a number of special parcels. I received this package from Geninne a few days ago. On the back she'd drawn another Today I Saw.
and inside was her beautiful artwork.

Recently, Margie sent me the prettiest Today I Saw painting. It's of the four seasons prints that Arounna and I made.

My lovely friend Karen made me this beautiful little bag. It had a letter inside telling me what she'd been up to. Karen uses an old non electric sewing machine, so she can be as precise with her stitches as possible!

A reader named Linda, who I had sent a postcard to, kindly returned the favour with one of her exquisite cards. You can see more of her designs here. They're so gorgeous!

and finally, in January, Nanou sent this wonderful bluey greeny themed package, which contained a little walnut pincushion, a handmade flower and this pretty card.
See, I have been really lucky! Thank you for all the wonderful snail mail, friends! Recieving all these pretty pictures inspires me to think about the wall above my desk ~ I'm sure I could make it look much more inspiring now!


  1. today i see that i am not the only one with a happy, magical mail box.

  2. Is it okay to be jealous of someone's mail? Lovely.

  3. you deserve it all, sweet Jill !
    hardly anything can beat the joy & the comfort that snail mail can bring. (except friendship itself of course !)

  4. lovely margie
    wow - you get the nicest things in your post box.

  5. I am officially envious. I hardly get any mail, let alone anything as awesome as these. X(