Saturday, 5 February 2011

Postcard: 4th February 2011

Here is yesterday's postcard. Next week I'll be working in a Nursery School on the other side of London, so the Today I Saw postcards may be few and far between. I'll try and scan any in (it'll be dark when I'm at home) to show you. I'll be in the Nursery School for the next month. But hopefully I'll manage to be in this space too : ) Just thought I'd better explain any disappearing acts! The good news is that I have an hour and a quarter commute each way, so I plan to do sewing in that time. See you on Monday when we'll be finding out about one of my favourite illustrators!

sending it to Rebecca Schram in Canada


  1. I'm not Chinese, but I get so excited for Chinese New Year! :)

    P.S. -- I have a good "Today I Saw" for yesterday...maybe I'll draw//color it and post about it. I'll let you know!

    :) Happy weekend!

  2. Isn't it amazing how long it takes to travel through London?
    I expect you'll have a lot of interesting individuals to draw from the commuting too. I hope you enjoy the school, I'm sure they'll love having you.

  3. Hope to see some of that sewing! :) I enjoy long commutes when I have something to occupy.

  4. commuting is great for handwork and knitting and you can listen to pod casts and learn all sorts of things.
    love the bunny ears

  5. that nursery school is lucky to have you for the week !
    good luck for all the commute though, you'll be in my thoughts
    I'll be replying your mail ASAP tonight (thank you !!!!)

  6. Wow, are you excited to work for a nursery school?How I wish that one day I could do the same. That is one of my dreams, working at a nursery school because I'm very fond of kids. Of course, I can't miss the awesome postcard design, the rabbit ears is super cute ! Have fun at the Nursery School.

  7. Hooray! I found the corresponding post. Thanks again. I had fun looking through all your creative projects, too (love the egg cozies). I promise to be back sooner than later :)