Friday, 4 February 2011

I heart you

Hello All! Thanks for a wonderful response to yesterday's tshirt. Your comments where wonderful and really encouraged me to make the next one, a patchwork heart tshirt! Both tshirts are now available in my NEW shop for $35 each. I changed my shop address, just because I didn't like the old name. If you would be interested in one of these tshirts in a larger size then just email and let me know.
I'll be back tomorrow with the latest postcards. Enjoy the start of your weekend all!


  1. layers and layers of prettiness & awesomeness <3
    this is such a happppppy teeshirt ! :)

  2. Oh both T shirts are so fabulous. I do wonder, would you take a commission for a version of the heart T shirt for a little five year old? Here's hoping.

  3. Hi Jill... You're doing such a great job recently, congratulations. I love both T-shirts and your blog is more lovely than ever!!!

  4. I <3 this! Anything with Liberty I love and this is the sweetest T ever. Not including your last design of course :)

  5. Thank you for the wonderful comments!
    Ingrid, it makes me so happy to read your comment, knowing how long you've been reading this blog! thank you
    silverpebble, I certainly would be happy to do a little person version!

  6. These shirts, are very adorable! I'll have to start pet sitting some more so I can buy one :D