Friday, 17 December 2010

Warm wishes to you friends

Thank you to those people who left really wonderful comments on my last post and particuarly to 'positive affirmation' thank you for reminding me we're all doing the best we can. I haven't been able to do any Today I Saw drawing recently and that's made me feel a little dissapointed but then I read that comment and thought 'you know what, it's ok'. So I thought I'd just pop in and say hello and share with you some photos my friend Sonia sent to me today. Sonia kindly bought a hand painted shell from the shop. I sent the shells in the new packaging which you can see here.
Sonia took a photo of the shells and the thank you note in one of Margie's medicine pouch/bowls. Next to the bowl you can see the printed pinecone Christmas card I sent to Sonia.
This is a close up of the thank you card. It's a painting of one of the shells and I've written on the back.
It's a shame I can't share Today I Saw drawings with you at the moment, I will do when I find time (and when it's not dark when I get home) but I wanted to say hello anyway and send you all warm Christmas wishes. Tonight is the first evening of my Christmas break and it feels sooo good!


  1. Sure it's ok! Just a quick note to say that our Dutch "This Week I Saw" has now 37 members :-) Can you believe how it was picked up after Daan and I started last July with just the two of us?
    Have a wonderful x-mas break!

  2. I hope you have a very lovely christmas break, today is my first day aswell!

  3. what is it about this tendency to beat ourselves up... glad you're ok, and the pictures are lovely! i hope you have a wonderful, well-deserved & relaxing Christmas break!

  4. oh my, what fun to see my photos here !! Thank you again SO very much, my friend :)
    I wish you a wonderful, relaxing, fun, exciting & happy Christmas break. And of course, happy holidays with your family !

  5. i love the dualism here today.
    Your shells are just gorgeous as my daughter can agree. She was lucky to find one in her st nicholas treats.
    Happy holidays to you Jill and hope you have a wonderful break from your studies.

  6. tis the season of busyness!
    you are not the only one looking forward to the break:
    time to breathe and kick off your shoes:
    have a happyhappy holiday with your super man:
    with love&peace ~~~ x

  7. Hope you're having a good proper recuperative Christmas break :) the shells are just lovely, and the great box too

  8. Hi Jill,
    I hope you've been having a wonderful rest from your studies and some nice quality family time. We'll all be here whenever you find time to show us your sweet images.

    A very happy 2011 to you. I'm wishing you much joy,
    J x

  9. Now it's summer and it's fast approaching. I miss going to the beach for relaxation. And the shell that Sonia gave to you it is very creative and artistically being made,