Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Daylight, where are you?

Hello friends,

As you may know, I'm doing my teacher training (have I ever mentioned that before?) and it's super busy (what, I've mentioned that too!). I can't take photos of my drawings at the moment as I go to work when it's dark and leave when it's dark and I work during lunch break. Not to mention that I go to bed at 9.30pm now! So, I have to find a solution. This week I'm going to try not scanning the pictures and just taking photos at the weekend. We'll see how that goes. I'd be happy to hear any suggestions. Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers! See you at the weekend. Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. I know the feeling. Even during daylight hours the last couple of weeks haven't been too bright.
    You could also try making your own light box to shoot photos. Quite simple to do, just Google it, I've seen at least three or four tutorials for making them. I've thought that if I got around to making one I would want to use a cardboard box that I could collapse to save on space.
    On the other hand, scanning will probably work well too ;)
    9.30 sounds brilliant.

  2. oh dear. i feel so sorry for you my suggestion would almost be to give yourself a break but then i think that would be a bad suggestion - cos you love doing this, right? so other things will have to wait. how about speed drawing? :-) hang in there....

  3. I hope you are enjoying your teacher training! I know how you feel, just as I am beginning to really get more into photography, I am faced with end-of-year school stuff, report writing and, as it is, leave the house in the dark and return in the dark. Hang in there, teaching is amazing (as I bet you know)!!!

  4. There is no blame
    I release the need to blame anyone, including myself. We all doing the best that we can with the understanding, knowledge and awareness we have.

  5. hope you're ok.......... have a lovely Christmas