Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Little stitches

A while back when I was having a go at the patchwork needlecases I made an extra small one for my friend Sonia. Now that she has recieved it I can show you too. Perfect for a travel sewing kit I think.


  1. You've been creating such wonderful things Jill!

  2. gasp! so so cute!
    p.s. totally in love with my larger patchwork case from you :)

  3. i love everything you make. I just received some beautifully wrapped things that I purchased from your shop. I can't wait to stuff them in some stockings for christmas.
    You are so talented!!!

  4. I am ever so lucky
    and it even fitted the tiny box of maple sugar mints
    that I bought at Roots, on the last day of my visit to Margie's
    the best box for this ultra practical, sweetest & prettiest tiny needlebook