Monday, 5 December 2011

At the weekend

Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was a weekend of seeing old friends, my brother and eating lots of good food, with a little bit of unsuccessful crafting (burning two printed pencil cases with the iron) and some successful crafting (of Christmas presents ~ more on that tomorrow). Thank you for stopping by. x x
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  1. a nice weekend indeed
    sorry about the burnt pencil case, bummer
    but I can't wait to see your post about Christmas present making :)

  2. Very busy weekend for you! I love the detail on the new dress and all the Turkish food. Wonderful!

  3. personally i prefer my pies fresh:)
    i always enjoy your weekend drawings

  4. I love that the party you went to was on a couch with awkward space in between its goers! Love those parties! :)
    ...and the bath + tea might be my plans for *THiS* Sunday evening.