Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pins and needles

Before I get stuck into this post can I just ask you if my blog looks normal again? Everything was overlapping and going of the side of the screen the last few days. I've had a go at fixing it and wondered if the extra large photos are too big. Do they go off the side of your screen? Thank you in advance for letting me know. Bloomin blogspot! : )

Ok, on we go.

I've been getting into making lots of quilted needlecases recently. I think I've made six. First I started with fabrics from my collection. Then I made some with the fabrics I printed on recently. I can't stop doing google searches for things like 'japanese sewing project' and 'tiny japanese patchwork' but with not much success. Do any of you know of some good japanese sewing project books for small projects?

This is a little pincushion made from the printed cottons and linen.
This is the outside of a needle case (I'll be folding it in half and adding felt and a fastening).
and this is the lining of the same needlecase.
I'm hoping to finish these and get them in the (somewhat rather empty) shop soon. I'm really enjoying sewing at the moment. I'd love to hear about any nice sewing projects you've been up to.


  1. oh, i do so love them! i can't believe how small your patchwork must be... you have skills.

    p.s. to me, everything on your blog looks fine except that the banner is going slightly to the right so i can't see the last work 'saw'. sorry- isn't it a pain fiddling around with these things!

  2. Blog looks fine to me; great pin cushion.

  3. Beautiful, I made them too look>>
    grt, Helmi

  4. The pin cushion is so sweet and I love your little needlecases. The printed fabrics work beautifully. For Japanese patchwork crafts try Tsushin magazine, you can probably find it on ebay.

  5. i am hand stitching up some ornaments for bookhou and other than that I have picked up my knitting needles to knit hats and baby booties.

  6. Jill, everything looks good from here. I like the new header and the pincushion. I have the itch to sew something lately (happens about twice a year) but haven't had the time.

  7. Very beautiful indeed!You have been very active!AriadnefromGreece!

  8. i love love love the needle case. so happy you are planning to add some to your shop.

    as per the formatting, the images on the left side look a bit big, and the banner gets cut off on the right, can't see all of the I and none of the saw. i think the foxes paws are chopped off too.

  9. Hi Jill
    Your blog looks fine - apart from your header which is missing the "Saw" !
    I love your little pincushion and needlecase!