Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Collecting seeds

Towards the end of the summer I started to notice seeds wherever I was. Even though I live in the huge city that I do, I'm often surrounded by nature - I make sure of that. I'd notice seeds hanging from trees in the street, seeds on plants growing through railings, or poking over someone's garden wall. I'd notice them in our own 'garden' (lots of pots on our steps and window sill). So I started collecting them.
Lots of the London parks have wild flower 'meadows' to attract insects and provide food for birds. There's plenty of seeds so I collected some for next spring. Hopefully I'll have a collection of different poppies growing in front of my flat.
The more unusual seeds and pods which I collected I put in a basket on the window sill. I'm waiting to put them into seperate little envelopes.
I think my favourite are from the trumpetvine, a plant I was unfamiliar with before, but seem to see it everywhere now.
As the leaves start to fall around me, I'm glad I made use of the seeds, harvesting them in and keeping them until next spring. I'm hoping next spring we'll have a abundance of multicoloured flowers to admire each time with step out the front door.


  1. Seeds and seedpods are so beautiful aren't they? I spot some honesty pods in you basket. I love the tiny brown paper envelopes available at my post office. I keep my seeds in those.

    I love your little paintings.

  2. Hope you grow some great little plants with all those seeds :) Love your illustrations especially the first one... gorgeous! :)

  3. i love seeds so much
    i think they are incredible, all that potential in such a tiny little package.
    your paintings are so lovely too.

  4. Pictures are really beautiful, it helped me to imagine all you told, it's nice!

  5. beautiful post! once, when i was living on a farm for a short spell, one of the works came back to the house, his pockets full of dried beans he collected from the fields. they were cream white, dark blue and deep reds, and we put them in a bowl to display in the kitchen. ever since then, i've thought that seeds and beans would make great decoration.

  6. Beautiful paintings Jill, I think the first is my favourite :)

  7. I add my name to the Seed Lovers list
    and your paintings are more and more exquisite my friend
    they always put a wiiiide smile on my face & in my eyes