Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Technical difficulty

I've noticed that if I click on any images on my blog they come up in a black box and they didn't used to do that. When I click on the 'At the weekend' pictures that I posted yesterday they show up small and there's no way of seeing them on a larger scale. It used to be that you could click on the picture and click again to see the details. Nobody will be able to see the drawings properly at the current size. Does anyone now how to solve this?

Thank you so much in advance!
Jill x


  1. I think it's a Blogger thing: my blog is doing the same.
    If you want to see the larger pics, just click on the link in the bottom left of the black screen.

  2. The second one seemed to scale properly for me. The first one isn't an image link.

  3. sorry I can't help, I'm not on blogger anymore
    but recently I've seen that on some blog, if I click the photo,
    it will open up a slideshow page

  4. if you right click on the picture, and choose 'open in new tab' it should open the picture up big, without the weird black screen thing.