Friday, 17 June 2011

Would you like to recieve a postcard?

***Thank you for your emails the list is now full***

I know I haven't been sending postcards recently but some days I see something and say to Daniel 'That would make a great Today I Saw'. So I'm taking addresses for those days when I see something great and I happen to have 10 minutes spare to draw.

If you'd like to recieve a postcard please send your name and postal address to jillwignall{at}googlemail{dot}com. Please put TODAY I SAW in the subject box. Anybody can put there name down for a postcard (even if you've recieved one before) or perhaps you know someone else that might like to recieve one and you could put there name down.

I'll update here when the list is full.

Happy Friday.
Jill x

photo of my friend Hatty's Today I Saw postcards next to her record player.

***Thank you for your emails the list is now full ***


  1. Yes please!
    I've applied before and not been lucky so perhaps this time!!
    Thanks Jill

  2. I just sent you my address! Is it creepy to say I've always wanted one those postcards? They're just so adorable.

  3. I would love to! Have emailed you :) x

  4. Of course I would like but I have receive one yet and I do not dare wanting one again.
    I let others people having chance to receive a today I saw postcard for the moment.
    It is such a great pleasure !

  5. i think everyone in the world would want to receive one of your postcards. They are so lovely!

  6. It was too late!
    I hope next time...

  7. hi! i'm too late.. wish i've found your blog earlier.. i would really love to receive one of the lovely postcards and i'm so inspired that there are like-minded soul who still believes in the authentic way of connecting.. (ie. snail mail, postcards, face-to-face..)

    it's been a month of ugly surprises for me and i'm glad i found your post..

    keep inspiring!