Monday, 18 April 2011

Walking by the Water

For those of you who are new to this blog, this is a post I would previously have put on Kites Are Fun. As I have now consolidated my blogs to this one space I am posting it here. Just to expain why it's a little different to my usual posts.

It’s the first day of the second week of my holidays. This morning, as I waited for the train to take me to a maths test, I was thinking about my long To Do list and wondering where the first week had disappeared to. My friend from university texted to say she wanted to have some fun this afternoon; my reply was that I could have lunch but I had a lot to do. I passed my maths test and immediately fun started to sound a lot more appealing, so I invited my friend for lunch.

I met her at the bus stop as she hadn’t been to my flat before. She’s a new friend and I was looking forward to showing her where I live and the local area. We stopped in my Turkish shop, the one I’d told her about, to buy some fresh bread for lunch. I made us a quick salad. As we chatted over lunch, I realised how I was eating fast and she told me she likes to take her time, her boyfriend’s family is Italian and they like to slowly enjoy their meals. I showed her my To Do list and we spoke about how I could get it done but I still felt anxious. It was sunny outside so we decided to go for a walk along the canal. We were both full so we walked slowly, along through the park, along the canal, along the path, passing the heron, past the barges, watching people work on their boats, enjoying the sunshine. The water was mucky but we didn’t care, we both agreed it was calming.

On our way back we stopped for a cheeky half. The table was next to the water and we chatted in the sun. My 'half a larger top' tasted like summer. As we sat and watched the water I realised that an afternoon of relaxing had made me feel much calmer. My friend reminded me that half the things on my To Do list are nice jobs that I’ll most likely enjoy and that the other half can be left for another day. We walked home feeling very happy and I thought to myself ‘next time I have lots to do I’ll have to remember to do nothing’.

Thank you Kate for a lovely afternoon.


  1. thank you so much for reporting your afternoon with your friend, in such a very lovely way, Jill. You have a way for telling stories, and no doubt about that, you have your own style for your watercolors, that I adore.
    Have a great rest of your week, my friend oxox

  2. These are such sweet images, I adore your style too. I'm just getting around to doing nothing at 10:15pm, that's why I get to read your beautiful post. I hope your To Do list gets completed with ease and that you have time to enjoy the rest of your week. Hope to see you soon. Jx

  3. A fun but relaxing post, kind of like your afternoon.

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