Saturday, 26 March 2011

Thank you, egg cosies, and postcard hoarding.

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who purchased items from Crafting for Courage and also to those of you who blogged, tweeted or told friends about it. There are still some items for sale so please do go over there and take a look if you haven't already. Remember that 100% of proceeds will be going to Save the Children. One of my Japanese watercolours is still for sale (thank you to the ladies who bought the other two) so go over and take a look.

I decided that today I wouldn't even think about essay writing. So I stayed in bed reading my book, went for a run (and spent half an hour groaning afterwards - I'm so unfit!), cooked and ate a fry up (this is why I'm so unfit!), and spent some time crafting. It was so good to a bit of crafting as I've been really bogged down with essays. I made two little egg cosies with pom poms on top. I'm going to perfect them a bit more before I put some in my shop. For now I was just trying out the best way to make them.

Also, thank you for sticking around, I haven't been around much lately because of these essays but the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. Just one more essay to go! If you are waiting to recieve a postcard from me, it isn't lost in the post, it's here on my desk. I have like three months worth here. I know it's rediculous. You'll get it at some point I promise.

Enjoy your weekend all. Hope you manage to find a little time to do what ever it is you like to do.


  1. Jill, I'm so glad you got some rejuvenating "you" time. Thank you for donating the beautiful watercolors that were so expressive, a recognition of the uniqueness of Japanese culture. Good luck with the final essay!

  2. YAY for all the love & work poured in this event, I repeat myself but I'm proud of us girls. I haven't sold out neither, but there's still two whole days !!
    and YAY for weekend crafting, that's SO enjoyable ! The egg cozies are too cute for words !! The pompoms make me think of Pat's adorable bunnies' tails !! ;-)

  3. I love your two egg hats, they are so cute !

  4. I'm happy you had some time off Jill, you certainly deserve it. Those egg cosies are so cute they make me want to boil up some eggs (even though I just had dinner;) The fabrics are so sweet, vintage? If not they look it. Wonderful!

  5. It's always a pleasure reading what you post, no matter how much time you need for other things in between.

  6. Hey why do you say your unfit ? Just eat right and do some right exercises . Give yourself a new shape dear! It's my first visit on your blog and I'm loving it :-) Wow am too a craft addict . I love crafting , I've thought of making some handmade paper envelops this weekend.
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  7. I really want to buy these egg cosies when they are in the shop! Gorgeous x

  8. Just received my postcard over the weekend, it brightened my day! Thank you, thank you :)

    Marissa in Somerville, MA, USA