Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Postcard: 14th March

sending it to Carolina Ellis in Tennessee, America


  1. This is gorgeous!
    Lucky Carolina!

  2. I read the words before I had scrolled down and saw the drawing so I didn't know what to expect, how you were going to draw it. So pretty.

  3. Imagine my delight when I saw this beautiful drawing and realized it was coming to me!
    It could not be more perfect for me. The past few days have been stormy and cold on my mountain and I have been longing to see the first signs of Lady Spring. I had to travel an hour and a half south the other day to a slightly warmer spot. While I sat in my car waiting for one of my daughters to have her piano lesson at the conservatory, it was j-u-s-t warm enough to sit there with my car window open. As I soaked up the sun and warm spring air, I gazed up at the top of a grand magnolia tree that was just starting to blossom. Your card will forever remind me of how much I enjoy seeing the first few signs of Lady Spring. Thank you. Carolina

  4. Oh, you're back! So excited!

    P.S. The trees are just starting to bud in Toronto.