Monday, 31 January 2011

Today 'Sonia of Cozy Homemaking' Saw

Today I'm delighted to welcome my good friend Sonia Cantie of Cozy Homemaking to Today I Saw. Welcome, Sonia! There's many reasons why I think Sonia is special and here's five for you;

1. Sonia is a wonderful drawer (check out her zine)
2. She is completely inspired by nature and uses nature to dye fabrics and thread the most amazing colours (check out her dyeing blog)
3. She sews the prettiest items (two of my favourites are her acorn necklaces and that cushion!)
4. She's got the got the biggest heart and opens it up to all her readers
5. She shares her life through her wonderful photos on flickr.

Could you tell us a little bit about your postcard and what you have chosen to draw ?

My eldest son was ill & staying home with me, when I decided to prepare a little creative session with him. I took our painting & drawing supplies out, and poured me a coffee. We painted side by side. He chose to paint one of our tea cups. The cup of coffee I've drawn is the one I drank from. It was my subject & my fuel at the same time ;-)

and have you decided who you'll send it to ?

I think I'm going to send it to a dear friend who had a tough month of January. She's a fellow coffee lover so I think she will be happy to get it :)

Sonia, please could you tell us the first thing you see each morning ?

It's my alarm clock, which tells me it's time to get up. But I usually ignore a little bit more.

Sonia, readers of Cozy Homemaking enjoy your hand dyeing projects, your photography and your beautiful hand sewn creations. Could you tell us what you see that inspires you to make the things you make ?

concerning my dyeings, it is of course local nature itself that inspires me.

I love taking photos, both out in the nature, or in my town too. And I also try to find inside our apartment opportunities to take photos. In fact, everyday life is my inspiration for photography. Even the most simple thing can be a very interesting subject.

As for my handmade creations, I find inspiration from different parts. Nature can inspire me once again, but sometimes, it's the material itself. The color or pattern of a fabric, the interesting color or texture combination between two other fabrics. I try to find a new use for materials that were at the end of their current lives. (children clothes for instance)

Today I Saw is a snail mail project. Is snail mail a big part of your life and if so, how ?

Yes, absolutely. I have always loved sending snail mails, parcels, cards & letters. Having friends around the world is just the perfect opportunity to make happy snail mail happen on a very regular basis. Sometimes just because, sometimes because of a birthday, and sometimes to bring a friend a bit of comfort.

Please think of a journey you take. It can be long or short. Describe some of the things you see on that journey.

I've been to the doctor's twice recently, and it's rather close to our apartment. On the way, I walk down a stone paved street, where I usually meet a grey cat who cheers me. Then I cross two streets & tramway railroads. I walk down a very short street & other tramway railroads. I'm very close to a tramway station where I can spot two types of tramways : one is dark blue with swallow white silhouettes, and the other is covered with orange, yellow, pink, green & red very 1970's pattern. And I'm arrived at the doctor's building then.

Could you describe some of the things you see each day that you feel are important to you and your life?

My husband & our two sons, very obviously. Then the apartment where we live. I'm thankful to have a warm & welcoming place to live in. It's easy to forget that many people don't even have a roof upon their heads. I also see sun most of the year, and feeling grateful for that too. I see a good bunch of old trees facing my building, which is rare & precious in the heart of our town. I see birds going in those trees, and the cycle of seasons only looking at these trees.

And finally, please tell us one thing you saw recently which stayed in your memory.

I saw my best friend with one of her cats in her arms. He really looked like hugging her for real. That was so adorable, it made me smile from ear to ear :)


Thank you so much for taking part Sonia. I particuarly liked hearing about you wtching the birds in the trees and seeing the seasons chamge. I loved reading your answers and your drawing is perfect! I'm sure Today I Saw readers will enjoy it too.


  1. I enjoyed the drawing of the inviting cup of coffee and the interview. I'm sure it will make your friend smile when she receives it, Sonia.

  2. oh, Jill, I'm blushing from head to toe !!
    thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart
    what a honor to be here today
    thanks for making this world a more beautiful one

  3. What a great interview of dear Sonia whose blog I too so enjoy.AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Yes, I enjoy reading Sonia's blogs, her photos are inspiring and creations are GREAT.

  5. I actually found your blog through Sonia's blog - I read her blog every day - sometimes more than once. Such a lovely talented your mother and wife - a joy to share her everyday life with her. She mentioned how much she loves snail mail and I realized I miss it also. Email has made it a little too easy. Hmmm - think I'll take the time to send some snail mail today.

  6. Snail mail is fantastic but sending a snail by mail well that is just the hugging cat's meow
    Jill your blog makes Mondays so joyful

  7. I enjoyed reading about my dear friend, Sonia, who I've know for probably 8 years! She's talented and a sweetheart and a fantastic mom! Nice to meet you!

  8. Loved reading it. Sonia is a precious friend, and I'm fortunate to have her in my life. Your interview with her was lovely :O)


  9. Thank you, Jill, for this great interview ! Sonia is a ray of sunshine for all of us and I confirm that her sweet mails bring always joy and a big comfort ! I'm very happy about the connection between both of you, talented girls !
    Have a lovely week ...

  10. hooray for sweet sonia! i love seeing the drawing she did side by side with her son. :)

  11. Sonia's card is lovely! A sweet interview, I like hearing about the trams, I want to see pictures of them now, or maybe a drawing :)

    Thank you Jill, these are fun to read.

  12. Great interview! Sonia is such a great internet friend! I hope to meet her one day in person so I can give her a big Hug! Hugs from Canada, Laurraine