Monday, 24 January 2011

Today 'Melissa of Tiny Happy' Saw

Today I'm so happy and excited to welcome Melissa of Tiny Happy to share her Today I Saw postcard and to tell us about the things she see's in her daily life, in New Zealand. I'm delighted that Melissa is here today as she has inspired me so much, since I started reading her blog. If you aren't familiar with Melissa's shop then you should take a look, it's regularly updated with individual handmade items ~ one of Melissa's draw string pouches is my new favourite sewing bag! Melissa, your such an inspiration, thank you for taking part!

Melissa, could you please tell us about your postcard and what you have chosen to draw?

I went shopping at an antique store the other day, and brought home these little vintage teacups. They were in a neglected condition, so I washed them and left them on the windowsill to dry.

And, have you decided who you will be sending it to?

I thought I would send it to a friend who lives in the North Island.

What is the first thing you see each morning?

Usually it's two small faces at the end of the bed- the children telling me it's time to get up.

Melissa, readers of 'Tiny Happy' love your delightful crafts and paintings. What do you see that inspires you to make these creations?

Thank you, Jill. I get my inspiration from seeing all sorts of things, like what gets washed up on the beach after a storm or artwork made by my children and their friends, browsing through books at my local library or just watching people from a cafe when I'm in a big city.

The thing I find most inspiring about tiny happy and what you create, is the sense that you seem to enjoy everything you make and do . Do you feel this is true and do you have any advice or comments for Today I Saw readers on how to achieve this?

Yes- I definitely enjoy what I do- most of the time. There are moments when it gets overwhelming- and if I have deadlines or a lot of work on at one time I can get a bit stressed with it all. It helps to get out and see friends, or go for a walk or read novels. I like to keep my blog as a kind of scrapbook of the things I really enjoy in my life- so it's more likely I'll write about making a chocolate cake than cooking dinner, night after night.

Please think of a journey that you take often. It can be long or short. What do you see on that journey?

I love going for walks in the evening, just before the sun sets. We live in a suburban but rather rambling neighborhood with lots of old and interesting houses and people around. There's also a conservation reserve running alongside our street, that has lots of native trees and shrubs, but also crazy tangly weeds and wildflowers. The other day when I was walking there were hundreds of wild plums rotting all over the ground. I love walking along there and checking on all the plants.

I often carry a notebook and pen with me, to take note of any interesting sights I see. Do you have any particular materials that you always take with you?

I like taking a notebook and pen with me, too. And often some knitting just in case I get a few spare moments!

Could you describe some things you see every day that you feel are important to you and your life?

So many things! Of course, my children and partner. We're lucky enough to live near lots of our extended family, so I also get to see my grandmother, sisters, brothers, neices and newphews too. My vegetable garden is something I love checking on each day. And then there are all the other, small things I love to see each day and they would include washing hanging on the line, a fresh pot of coffee waiting on the table, snail mail from friends in the letterbox, a stack of books on my bedside table, coloured embroidery threads waiting in my sewing box.


Thank you Melissa. Your answers have been really enjoyable to read. I loved hearing more about the things you see in your life!


  1. I love tiny happy! :)

    So glad she shared here today.

  2. Add me to the list!

  3. melissa is such a special flower in the great garden of the world.

  4. great interview Jill, I love Tiny Happy too!
    Emma ;0)

  5. I've just discovered your blog - I followed Melissa over here! I love it - your paintings are gorgeous.

    Lovely lovely lovely lovely.

  6. I am a brand new follower of your blog. I love Melissa's Tinyhappy blog and look forward to reading it for daily inspiration. I am thrilled to have discovered yours. By the way, I live in the States. I'm a teacher and as I was enjoying your past posts I was thinking my students might really enjoy writing their own Today I Saw...They especially love to draw little pictures to go with their writing. Thank you for the fresh idea!

  7. Melissa has just brought me over here - I'm so glad she did! It's such a treat to read about her inspirations and to discover your blog. Your little postcards are beautiful - I've just been enjoying reading through them. Thankyou!

  8. Two of my favourite blogs together. Thanks for the lovely tiny happy peek.

  9. I love Melissa's blog and her work. Thank you for interviewing her. It's so interesting to hear what inspires her.

  10. I do love how Melissa can look at a bunch of wildflowers and then relay that onto cloth for a pretty little embroidery piece. Your idea of a postcard a day is so fun! Love your drawings. Best wishes, Tammy

  11. ooh, thanks for sharing :) love that spotty red cup.

  12. what a joy to read about Melissa over here :D
    she's a big inspiration to many, and a sweet soul too
    thank you so much for this wonderful interview, it was so enjoyable !