Thursday, 20 January 2011

Today I Saw Postcard: 20th January 2011

This week I'm taking part in the Poppytalk winter colour week. Today's colour is green. I also wanted to say thank you so very much to people who have purchased the prints which Arounna and I made. As Arounna is dealing with all the sales, I am unsure of who exactly has bought them. I just know that some have sold. So, thank you to those people (if you're reading)!

sending it to Giovana Ruaro in London, England


  1. i've just found this blog! It's so cool i think i'm going to stay here forever!


  2. so happy more and more people are discovering your awesome blog and illustrations jill. Isn't nanou just like the fairy godmother you always wished you had.

  3. Margie, well I'm just getting to know Nanou, but the fact she sends me beautiful hand made gifts makes me think she just might be : )