Saturday, 22 January 2011

Tea Cosy

I never really thought about the words tea cosy before. They're pretty funny considering how much I like tea and how much I like being cosy. I checked, and this is how I'm meant to spell cosy/cozy in England. I made this tea cosy for my friends birthday yesterday, and I thought I'd share it with you, now that Today I Saw is also crafty! It's padded to keep her tea warm for longer. What more could you need in life : )

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Please do tell me if you see anything interesting. Just leave a comment that starts with TODAY I SAW....


  1. Today I saw the bare leg of a mannequin resting on a black sports bag.

  2. i love that tea cosy! you have such great taste in fabric. x

  3. your tea cozy is lovely :) great idea. i always wrap something around my mug, but around the whole pot would be so much better. i love the yellow trim.

    i'm on etsy, too. hope all goes well there for you and you should put these on, if you haven't already. i haven't checked out your shop yet, but i will. i find it's difficult not to get lost in the sea of wonderful things, there on etsy. it is a great place though :)

    thanks for your post

  4. Just found your blog because I read Tinyhappy. I love the postcard idea, I've been writing more letters lately its so special to get something nice in the post! Oh and today I saw...sheep eating turnips, the first primroses and a blank sketchbook page that I should be drawing on x