Saturday, 16 October 2010

Enjoy your weekend

Autumn Leaves drawn by myself. See more on flickr

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who bought a copy of 'Without Autumn' from the shop this week and also for the positive comments left on this blog. 'Without Autumn' has now sold out. If you are interested in buying a copy then please do email me to let me know. If enough people are interested then I will print and make more copies for the shop.

Have an enjoyable weekend all, and please do tell me what you see - just leave a comment starting with Today I Saw.... .Today I'm going on the London Eye (a huge very slow ferris wheel) so I should me seeing some wonderful views of the City.

Enjoy! Jill x

Picture is not from 'Without Autumn'.


  1. I love the London Eye. We had a smaller version in Belfast for a while. It didn't feel quite so stable! :)

    Kate x

  2. Today I saw my little niece celebrating her first birthday, surrounded by approximately 60 persons (from babies to elderly)
    I'm soooo happy your zine is sold out ! what fun ! Have you considered selling prints of the pages that you drew but that weren't included in the zine ?
    have fun in London, my friend oxox

  3. today I saw a rainbow in the sky as I drove to work:
    a colourful miracle to make me smile:

  4. enjoyable weekend!see the rainbow in the sky!