Saturday, 25 September 2010

Would you like to receive a postcard?

****Update: I now have 30 addresses. Thank you for your emails****

Every day is a give-away at Today I Saw! I'd like 30 addresses to send some of you lovely people my drawn postcards. This time I'd just like addresses of people who have not yet received a postcard. If you have received a postcard, but would like to give me the address of a friend or family member who you think would like one then I'm happy to do that.

Email me at ( this is a new email address )
In the subject write 'Today I Saw'
In the email write the name of who I'm sending it to, followed by their address.

I'll write an announcement here once I have 30 addresses.

Enjoy your weekend and please do tell me what you see: start your comment with Today I Saw.............I love to read about the different things people see all over the world. Jill x x


  1. Yippee! You generous person you :)

  2. Today I Saw: Clear blue skies over the mountains.

  3. Today I saw fields of corn the color of honey under a bright blue sky.

  4. Today I Saw...
    my kitty attacking my laptop as i worked in bed and she played underneath the sheets. she's sleeping soundly now.

  5. Today I saw...
    the sun poking through rainclouds

  6. Today I 3 year old mistake Wasabi for avocado.

    (its all good, no tears, just a shocked expression)

  7. Today i saw my daughter-in-law dance on the beach; it was beautiful.

  8. today I saw thousands of people in my local park:
    it was Village Green, a music, arts and fun event ^_^

  9. Great Today I Saw's everyone. And people have been emailing them to me as well.
    Marilyn, your's sounds so wonderful.
    Peeboo, Oh no! Yours made me laugh but only once I read there was no tears! : )