Friday, 4 June 2010

4th June 2010

I have now completed one whole year of drawing Today I Saw postcards. I sent the first one to my Grandad and I thought it right to send him the last (or at least last for a while). Tonight I bought pizza and a cake to celebrate my one year acheivement. I said to Daniel "I've bought a cake to celebrate" he said "Yeah, just think about the amount of times you said 'imagine if I do it for a whole year!".
I started this project to try and get myself to draw regularly and to keep in touch with people, and then it just sort of kept going and developing and I never thought I'd end up feeling so happy about it. I'm so proud, and I wouldn't be if I didn't know that people where looking at the drawings everyday and telling me to carry on. So, thank you all so very much for following, commenting, emailing and sending nice things in the post.

More information about the postcard swap this weekend and news about my next blog coming very soon. Stay tuned.

sent to my Grandad in Liverpool, England


  1. Congratulations on doing Today I Saw for a whole year. It is quite an achievement! And I have enjoyed looking at your drawings each day, so thank you!

    Kate x

  2. Well done, Jill. xxx

  3. it's been fabulous Jill:
    I ❤ my postcard:
    it's framed and hanging in my home:
    makes me smile every time I see it:
    thank you x

  4. You should be proud! I have loved following Today I Saw, its been a daily pleasure to see what you've drawn and best of all its made me notice things I see everyday and make note of them and their beauty or interesting qualitites....even though I don't draw!! Actually, best of all was recieving one of your postcards, I was SO excited!!! and so were my partner and my best friend who have been following too and knew how excited I was! Its framed and I will cherish it forever! I am so looking forward to your next blog x

  5. congratulations! I hope the cake was delicious xoxo

  6. i'm in if it's not too late! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary of the project! woop woop!

  7. Aw, I'm going to miss you! Congratulations for a fabulous year of fabulous drawings. And thank you, thank you for my lovely drawing. It's framed already, and will be on my living room wall, just as soon as the wall is painted ...
    Hope you'll be back again soon, in one guise or another! xxx

  8. You've done a great job! Best from Heike

  9. It's been lots of fun to receive and follow the postcards. Can't wait to see what you do next Jill xx

  10. Thank you for the swap ! This is my card :

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  12. Your blog has been a breath of fresh air so it is with sadness that you are ending such a fine blog.
    Thank you for the swap!
    I received my card today from Julie in the Netherlands.
    I finally finished my card to her and will send it tomorrow (hopefully).
    That had to be a lot of work to arrange that.
    So...thanks again!

  13. mhmmmm.... how wonderful. sad to find this so late, i would have loved to join. never mind, next time, and carry on!

  14. Jill, I've been out of the country so I'm late in wishing you big congratulations on completing your year project! It has been a delight to follow and I feel privileged to have received one of my very own. I'm about 6 weeks behind you in completing my year project - I'm bittersweet about almost being done. Thanks for sharing!

  15. beautiful!! What a great project!!
    Today i made a blogpost about it (for the Corner View) and i made you my today I saw. Soon in your mailbox.

    Happy Day!