Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Today I Saw Postcard Swap!

To celebrate the end of this project I'm going to organise a big Today I Saw Postcard Swap! I'll collect everyone's addresses and then pair everyone up with a partner to swap with. The idea is to draw your own 'Today I Saw' postcard and mail it to your swap partner.

If you would like to take part you must email me by Friday 4th June and please write 'postcard swap' in the subject.

I'll email everyone a partner's address by Monday 7th June.

You must have sent your partner a Today I Saw postcard by Friday 11th June

and please scan or take a photo of it and put it in the Today I Saw flickr group (or email a picture to me if you don't have a flickr account, and I'll put it on).

Simple, right? : ) and I want lots of people to take part so feel free to post about this on your blog or tell your friend, or your Grandma, or everyone!


  1. Sent you an e-mail! Sounds fun!

  2. That sounds fun!
    Oh, so sad that you are ending this!
    I know you need to move on but you've done such a darling job!
    I will miss these cards!

  3. I followed the link from Resurrection Fern's blog and would love to participate but don't see how to send you an email. Could you enlighten me, please? (Today I saw two turkey hens and a Tom in my back yard in western Massachusetts.)

  4. sent you my address, thx for the great idea!

  5. "anonymous"- her email address is under "contact me" on the right side of the page, above her profile picture. :)

  6. Great idea, Jill! I've just sent you my address. Thank you for Today I Saw!

  7. Yes, yes, anonymous, what crafty sunday said. sorry to have not got back to you sooner.

    Thanks for the comments. LOTS of people have signed up to participate so I'll be giving more information out soon. Thanks everyone. x

  8. Wonderful... I'd love to take part. I shall wing an email your way sometime soonish.