Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sunny days

Hello again! I've been back from California a couple of weeks now. Apologies for the delay in sharing my sightings! Here is each day in California, which was wonderful and sunny and very fun by the way. I followed your suggestions and visited La Jolle, spent the day wondering round Balboa Park, sunbathed on the beach and had so much fun driving round Beverley Hills, watching the Lakers and visiting Venice Beach and Santa Monica! It really was a fun packed trip. I only wish I had found more time to draw everything I saw in my sketchbook. Tomorrow I'll be catching up with you all by showing all my 'sightings' since arriving back in London. I hope you enjoy them. Oh, and this is a funny photo of me taken on the self timer. It really amused me standing in front of a camera on my own. Jill x x


  1. Thanks for every post!, Through your drawings, we made the trip with you! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  2. Belated welcome home. Looks like you had a great trip.


  3. glad you enjoyed your trip to Cali and had a safe trip back home... (^-^)

  4. yAy! you're back:
    you've been missed ^_*
    love those shorts:

  5. Love the picture, want to hear all about your trip. Will ring you at the weekend, I was making bolagnase when you rang and was too tired for chat after xx

  6. Welcome back!
    Sounds like a fabulous trip!