Monday, 12 March 2012


A while back I showed a glimpse of some wedding invites I had been working on for a friend. Well, those invites have all been sent out now and I have taken a few photos to share. The invites included a card with the invite details, a map, an RSVP postcard, an information sheet, and the envelope to send it all in.

I hope you had a good weekend. I spent all of saturday in bed with a cold, then on Sunday I went for a walk in Regents Park. It's very fancy around there.


  1. that is such a really lovely, detailed invite

  2. did you paint each one or were the final designs printed?
    they are exquisite!
    I especially love the envelope:

    hope your cold is better x

  3. i really love these jill- i wish they were for a party or wedding of mine! (i will know who to ask if i do ever get married). love that little sprig on the envelope especially.

  4. Those are really beautiful. I would cherish that invitation!

  5. what a smart idea to have had you make the invites & all
    the result is simply awesome !
    what a keepsake ! so personal !