Thursday, 8 March 2012

Butterflies in the rain

Butterflies in the rain, painted by me

I often find myself looking through the pile of paintings from the drying rack, picking out black rainbows, homemade dot to dot pictures, squiggles which are 'bath time' or experiments with brushstrokes, and hoping there is no name on the back (there usually isn't) so that I can borrow it.

 At the age of three and four (the age I work with) they are still so free from outside attitudes. They haven't yet heard anyone say 'I can't draw'. To them everyone can draw and paint. It's just something we all do.

The other day I sat with them to paint and just copied the way they were painting. So free, experimental, and enjoyable.


  1. when I taught art to kids I used to seriously covet their work! Amazing, bright colors and compositions and ideas.

  2. totally gorgeous. they are lucky to have you as their teacher.

  3. Ah Jill!
    What an absolute talent! I wish I was a child in your class. Those children certainly are lucky!

    much love Nikki G x x