Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Green fingers

I've fancied getting some succulents for a long time. How can I not, with all the pretty pictures on the web. Once I saw Paula's picture I realised that I could just get cuttings, rather than looking for affordable plants. And that's what I did. A friend has so many in her home and garden so I went around pulling bits off and pulling up little roots. Here's my bag of treasure.

I started to draw them but the sun was shining and I felt I needed to get them planted.

I need your advice on caring for them (if you'd be so kind): I know they like dry soil. I read online I should water them every two to three days for the first month until they take root and then only once a month after that. Do you agree with this? How do you get yours to take root?

Yesterday I discovered a load of moss growing nearby. I collected a bag full, thinking how pretty it would look and I've now put it around the succulents. Although, I'm now unsure if that was the right thing to do as moss tends to like wet soil. Do you think I should remove the moss and put pebbles around the top?

I'm fairly new to gardening but this year I'm enjoying it more than ever. I have so many plans and ideas for out little 'garden' (the front steps and window sill). Thank you in advance for any gardening advice you can share.


  1. I just got a couple of succulent trimmings from my neighbor. She told me that they grow so well, you can just forget them completely and they will still thrive! This is great for me, because I cannot remember to water them properly. I really like your moss idea! I'm going to try that with mine as well! Hopefully it will keep the squirrels from picking them out of the ground as they have been!