Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Deck the halls

I'm so enjoying the cosiness of my home at the moment. Each evening I walk home from work looking  forward to getting in, putting my slippers on and drinking some chai tea. I'm like an old lady! But I still didn't have any Christmas decorations up until this week. We don't get a tree so I find other ways of celebrating the season.
a basket of tangerines on the table

a garland of bells and pinecones hung in a doorway

candles are lit each evening

decorations hanging from our palm
and of course cards hanging from the mantel.

Just got to get those Christmas cards out now.....
Hope each of you is having a cosy, positive and not to exhausting week.


  1. it couldn't get any better, Jill !
    makes me want to come visit you right now !!

  2. All of today's drawings are beautiful!
    So what if you don't have a tree, the rest are lovely!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. everything looks so fantastic
    who needs a tree

  4. blog hopping here.... merry christmas!

  5. It's been so chilly I'm not surprised you are rushing home to get cozy! Your decorations look sweet and festive :)

  6. home is where it's all about! I love that image of the candles lit and the dotty light they throw. We decorated our potted tree last year and this year I decorated a very large tree bough. I just like the sparkle of the ornaments. :)