Monday, 12 December 2011

At the weekend

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Any further with the Christmas present making? I'm not. I haven't even written any cards yet. Or put up any decorations! I actually don't mind, at least I'm not stressed. Thank you for yesterdays comments about staying bright during the winter. I really enjoyed reading your ideas and suggestions and will certainly be incorporating them into my winter days. Here's my weekend in pictures:
click on the image for more detail

ps. Hugo 3D is fantastic.


  1. Thanks for the movie review! I'm looking forward to seeing Hugo at my Christmas break. I love that book!!

  2. hugo is on our movie list for the holidays

  3. your weekend sound & looked really enjoyable, my friend !

  4. Love your draw-and-tell as usual :-) Maybe I can get my teenage son to go and see Hugo with some day during the holidays. Maybe.

  5. Just realised Hugo doesn't come to Sweden until march. Pity, seems like a perfect Christmas film.