Thursday, 26 December 2013

This year I did stuff

What I did in 2013

Had an exhibition at Stir Crazy Bakery in Fort Worth, Texas

Read some good graphic novels

Worked hard at improving my drawings

Finished a zine (just need to print it)

Watched Richard Linklater's Before... films and a bunch more

Went to Paris on my own (my first solo adventure)

Did Forest School training

Walked on my own in the countryside for the first time (and loved it)

 Ate pancakes in Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine

 Learnt how to make chai and made it each day

 Had an art show with Daniel in London


 Ate lobster with Allee and Jesse in Rhode Island

 Went to Texas, made new friends, had adventures (and danced on the porch)
Ate pizza at a hip pizza joint in Williamsburg

 Took the Staten Island Ferry

 Camped on Cape Cod

 Ate tapas in southern Spain

Hiked Jack's Rake in Cumbria (tested my bravery)

Collected shells in Spain

Star gazed

Bought a beautiful bike and cycled 120 miles on an overnight ride.

Read good books (this was my favourite)

Did more exercise than I've ever done before

went to a wedding, or two, or three.


  1. this is my favorite year in review that i've seen!

  2. Love it. Very inspirational. I think I might try and do this with the kids! I would just like a pen like yours...

  3. What a VERY full year you had! Best wishes and lots of love for another wonderful year ahead.
    J xoxo

  4. Wishing you to be as creative in 2014 as well.AriadnefromGreece!

  5. My goodness, that's what I call a very busy, exciting, well filled year !!!! And your drawing is as good as ever ! You got me all excited with your news on FB ! I am VERY VERY looking forward to see everything ! Sending you love & hugs my friend, I miss you. oxoxo

  6. I love your drawing style! I came to your blog through a google search for a tutorial on making a handlebar bag (I'm a seamstress who's just started cycling too!).

    I was just wondering: how do I follow your blog?