Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Working on a zine!

I have a lot of zines I'd like to make. A lot. I write down each idea and save it for when I'm ready to make it. But recently I've really put my mind to trying to actually complete one. I've been working on this bike riding zine for the last month or so.
Tonight I made a plan for the layout of pages and worked out which pages I still need to draw. Here I share some photos I've taken along the way.
The zine is a sort of journal about training over 10 weeks for a bike ride, going from being someone who doesn't exercise to (hopefully) completing a 120 mile ride.
I've got to a point now, in the drawing, that I know I'll complete this and get it out there. I'm excited about completing it. You can check out updates on my facebook page.

1 comment:

  1. These are looking amazing! Can't wait to see it complete, save one for me please. I'd love try and meet up second half of hols if you're around then, let me know. xo