Wednesday, 30 May 2012

West Yorkshire

A little while back I went to see my friend Jo Blaker in Yorkshire. She's moved up there to start her new life, leaving the big smoke behind. She and her boyfriend have a lush allotment and seem to spend their time making art, growing vegetables and drinking real ale. Nice life I think.

On my first evening in West Yorkshire one of Jo's friends had made a mix cd and put it on in the pub. We danced infront of the bar in the empty pub and the barman came from behind the bar, took of his shoes and danced with us. A friendly place is Huddersfield.

At the end of the night two of the group began singing folk songs outside and we stood around silently listening to their wonderful voices in the darkness. It was lovely.
This is my new penknife necklace which I love. Nothing to do with Yorkshire but I wanted to show you.


  1. You paint a very lovely picture with your words...and with your drawings too!

  2. Oh, Jill, every bit of this post is wonderful, your drawings included !
    I hope you are doing fine and that summer has arrived in London.

  3. sounds like a wonderful life! love your drawings, as always. x