Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Oh Blossom

I guess I needed a blog break. Sorry I didn't see that coming and forewarn you guys about the quietness.

It's that time of year when I'm waiting for spring. The blossom comes early here. It fooled me last year, I thought spring had arrived. Not this year. It seems each year we get a spell of warm weather, the blossom appears and then it is cold again for a while before spring.
The blossom was starting to appear, in bud ready and waiting for that warm spell. The sun shone. Oh how it shone. Warming all our faces as we smiled and soaked it in. And just as we removed our coats and played outside in our shirts the blossom appeared.
The  blossom trees at the end of my street which glimmer at dusk as the sun sets beside them. The blossom tree which is peaking over someone's wall on my walk to school. I cross the road just to admire it. The blossom at the school entrance as I enter the building and start my day.
It seems no matter where I look I can see blossom, bringing it's joyful reminder that spring is round the corner.
The warm spell has gone already, only lasting a few days, leaving behind the blossom, like a gift from spring.

oh blossom, how I enjoy you so much each year.


  1. I am not blogging that often either!I am spring cleaning!I loved your paintings!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. gorgeous watercolours! i love blossom too. happy spring.

  3. Your paintings are the best!

  4. Loved the pics. No sign of blossom here probably to do with the bouts of wind,rain,hail,sleet mixed in with sunshine.M.x