Monday, 19 March 2012


One of my new years resolution was to not buy stuff. I have a lot of stuff already, and I really don't need more. I have given in and bought some things (books), but mostly I've been quite restrained (I haven't bought any clothes so far all year!).
Well, yesterday I made five cushions for the living room. I wanted to smarten the couch up a bit. It's old and well loved, as you can see. So sticking to the 'don't buy stuff' thing I only used what I already had. Fabrics, trimmings, decorations, filling.

I took these photos when I had made three new cushions, whilst it was still light (they're the three on the left), the other two I made after dark and will show pictures soon. The cushion on the right I made years ago.

I got my hands on a selection of good quality vintage fabrics about six years ago. I'd kept hold of them but hadn't used them. I used three of them.

 It looks a little bulky, but will flatten down quilckly I'm sure.

I attached a little bird brooch for decoration. See the way the satiny fabric has a bark effect? Nice.

This one I made from a vintage pinnie which I used to use but had since put in my fabric box. See the little pocket? cute hey?

The top cushion I made with more of the vintage fabric. It's a think sort of satin with wool woven in. I used turquiose ric rac as a trim.

Had I not been trying to be resourceful and use what I have, I know I would have gone to the shops and bought the exact fabrics I wanted. But this way, I have put a dent in my fabric stash (if a very small dent) and not spent money. Just an afternoon spent sewing and now I have five new cushions!
Did you make anything nice over the weekend? Do share.....


  1. I am trying not to buy anything either, not only because I have no money but also because I don't need really anything! I had been buying too many things the previous years! I love the cushions!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. I kind of made the same commitments myself, except that it felt like doing it one month another. (not buying books in January, but bought some in February, none in March ...) Well, it seems to work fine for me. I love that you thought of making things you wanted with materials you already had. (I bet you knew I'd love this !) And quite frankly, you wouldn't have been able to buy cushions *that* beautiful & unique, in any kind of shop. They are amazing !
    I've been crafty too this weekend, and revamped a (broken) lampshade with fabric from my stash (it was one of the boys', and I need to do it with another lampshade) I also covered my pin boards with linen, which made me very happy too !
    Have a wonderful week ahead my friend ! oxoxo

  3. gorgeous cushions! i've been trying to buy less stuff too. :)

  4. Not too long ago I went through my fabric stash and was pleasantly surprised at some really nice bits that I had. They're all folded neatly waiting for inspiration. This weekend I tidied the studio if you can call that making something. :) It's really been needed. It feels so much better in there and someone requested to come have a peek at what I'm working on so I wanted it to look good.