Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Circle prints

Earlier in the week I had a creative evening at my desk. I returned to printing on fabrics and experimented by carving new stamps and exploring patterns. This is an activity I really enjoy. Just two hours work can transform white cotton into something exciting. Now I'm wondering what to make with these printed fabrics. . . .
Any ideas?

Lastly, a picture of my desk as I was printing.

Thank you for all the  comments and suggestions you've been making this week. It's good to hear from you guys. x


  1. Oh, that's fantastic, I love when you explore and experiment with stamps & priting ! I personally adore the print on the photo before the photo of your desk ! I would see a cushion cover with this one (if it was large enough), or a wallet, or a pincushion .... Lotsa nice things actually ! xoxo

  2. lovely room. In German Raum, in Spanish espacio.

    I have loved your pics. Thanks.

  3. Love the fabrics and look forward to seeing how you use them

  4. They are so lovely, I think anything you make with them will be wonderful! :D

  5. these are so fantastic
    they will make anything more wonderful