Friday, 17 February 2012

Homemade beauty

I like to use good quality products made from natural materials but they're so expensive. So I finally did some research online, took myself to whole foods and invested in a variety of oils. When I got home I made a face moisturiser, a body scrub and a body oil. I wrote my 'recipes' down so that I can make alterations next time which reminded me of Margie's dye experiment book .
This is a jasmin flower sugar scrub
and a rosemary body oil
I bought benjoin, jasmin, and orange blossom oils. I'm interested to know, do any of you make your own beauty products? Which oils would you recommend? Any recipes I should try? I'd love to hear.

I'm very excited about my new hobby.


  1. How exciting ! I do not make my own beauty products, but I use exclusively avocado oil for moisterizing my face or dry places (elbows etc), and the other day I added bicarbonate of soda in my shower gel, mixed them & use that as body scrub. It worked like a charm !
    Have a glorious weekend my friend ! oxox

  2. i used to do this all the time way back when
    maybe something to revisit and make organic
    soaps and balms for the little one

  3. i've been into reading a lot about natural beauty products since i was a teen :)
    i've made some experiments, like natural shampoo. today i ventured on a beeswax hard lotion, as you can see here:

  4. Well, it's not much...but I buy sweet almond oil as a base and add several drops of lavendar oil to make a nice aromatic bath oil. While the water is running I drop three nice drips into the tub and then get in with a book and inhale the vapours. I always sleep better, and they say almond oil is used in all the expensive skin creams and 'serums' as they call them.

  5. I make a hand/foot/body salve with jojoba oil and melted beeswax with essential oils, and I use straight olive oil on my face during the dry winter, and right now with my baby belly I put sweet almond oil on it each day. I haven't had a problem using any of these oils and love how well they work.