Friday, 4 November 2011

Travel crafting

I've been enjoying quilting lately. The only quilting I've done before was a baby quilt for a friend. I've been doing small, hand stitched quilting projects. They're perfect to take on train journeys as the scraps of fabric fold up and fit into my tinyhappy sewing pouch. Although I would usually use a sewing machine at home it's enjoyable to do some hand stitching. It makes me think about women who used to sew everything by hand. My grandmother once told me about a lady who lived down her street and sewed her entire wedding dress by hand. Now that's impressive.

Hope you have a good weekend. I think this is the first week that I've blogged each day in a very long time. Feels good. Thank you for stopping by. 


  1. I love melissas work and it is impressive what a woman can do when she sets her mind to the act of creation! An elderly woman in our town, is a quilter whom has sewn every stitch in her quilts, by hand. there is over 300 hours of work in each one. I gawk at her blankets, there are absolutely priceless. and when we ladies today handstitch, we do it in their memory and honor!! lovely post

  2. Sew on the go! I do english paper piecing on the train and tube, perfect take along craft. Can't wait to see more of your quilting, happy weekend to you :)

  3. I just love hand-sewing things, and how it's all so portable and feels so good. I have one of melissa's bags as well, that I keep the threads in, some small pieces of felt or linen, a tiny pair of scissors shaped like a crane. :)

  4. i always have a little project for on the go in my bag
    or at this time of year even a few.