Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cushion cover

I spent the last two weeks working on my classroom, preparing it for the children's arrival tomorrow. Tomorrow! Here's a nice patchwork cushion I made. The cushions were already in the classroom but needed new covers. This kind of patchwork is something I haven't done before but is really fast. Ideal, should you need to quickly knock up a gift for someone. It only took an hour and a half! Not including tidying up of course : )

I layed out the template and just started cutting big random shapes of fabric. I sewed them together and hey presto!


  1. It looks great! I am just about to make a patchwork potholder. I have about a zillion squares cut out...

  2. your classroom is going to be the prettiest

  3. Margie is right, I bet you have now the most beautiful classroom in the whole school !! The cushion is so pretty ! oxox

  4. Just a friendly slang lesson, "knock up" means to get someone pregnant and "knock out" would have been the more appropriate term.

    But I love your blog! I just remember you wondering if we use the word "tights" in the USA, which we do, but only for warmer leg coverings. Anything sheer is considered a pantyhose. I think, I'm a man so I'm not well-versed in women's wear. (But as a gay man I know a thing or two, haha!)

    Apparently, in Great Britain, "knock up" can mean to awaken someone.

  5. the cushion is so beautiful!