Monday, 4 April 2011

Postcard: 4th April

This week I'll be taking part in poppy talk's Spring colour week. It doesn't feel long ago that I took part in the winter one. You can see all the pictures that people contribute each day here. Each day I hope to paint a picture relating to that day's colour. Tomorrow's colour is yellow.

sending it to Mousy Brown in North Wales, Britain

In other news, I want to ask advice. I just got a new computer and I'm still trying to work out how to use it. My old computer had photoshop for editing pictures but my new one only seems to have 'paint' which doesn't allow me to edit the lighting on photos and things like that. I wondered what programme you use? I can't afford photoshop and I wondered if you know of any affordable image editing softwear? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  1. what a lovely watercolor for Poppytalk's week !!
    I used to have Paint Shop Pro (another software for editing photos & drawing web graphics) on my laptop. Now I use Picnik ( ) and it works just fine :) (and it's free)

  2. if you're using windows then you could try photoscape or pixia:
    love your colour postcards:
    delicate and sweet like you ^_^

  3. love the postcard! I agree with chocolategirl; photoscape is a good one, and it is free :)

  4. Your "green" watercolor is just perfect! I wish that I could give you some advice about photo editing, but I struggle with this as well. I actually find myself struggling to do many things with my blog and design work on the computer. I really should look into a tutoring session! Do you know anyone local to you who could talk you through options?

  5. I understand that Photoshop Elements is a good bit cheaper than regular Photoshop.

  6. Nice to see a colour drawing!

    A really fun, basic editing website is Picnik (i use it in conjunction with Picasa).

    What happened to your old computer and the Photoshop software on it?

  7. That's me!! Oh how gorgeous and green too - I will be watching for the postman bouncing with excitement - Thank you!

    I like Picnik too and am saving for photoshop elements (£50ish on Amazon) although I do wonder if I will ever find time to do all the exciting things that are possible....

  8. It's a lovely painting and I know she will just love it. The colors are gorgeous.

  9. i use iphoto since i use a mac but picnic works well and you can use it directly from flickr. I also have photoshop elements but am not yet comfortable with it so leave that up to my daughters
    oh and i love your painted postcard

  10. Thank you Jill - it arrived safely and I love it! It is sitting on my dresser at the moment so I can enjoy it until I find a perfect place for it live. Happy May! :D