Friday, 18 February 2011

Tiny Triangles

Before I start to tell you about what I've been sewing, I'd like to say thank you so much to the two kind people who bought two of the bunting from my shop. I was delighted! There is now only one left

And the commuting crafting quest continues! Here's teeny tiny versions for my recent love of sewing tshirts. This design comes from a T-shirt I made for Daniel a couple of years ago. He was pretty obsessed with triangles back then. I've searched to try and find a picture of him wearing it but I can't (which is strange because it's his fave and he wears it all the time). Here are some photos of the babygrows I've been working on.
Similarly to the previous Tshirts the fabric has been heat bonded on with a raw edge and then hand stitched onto to the Tee.
For both babygrows (do people only call them that in Britain?) I've used a mixture of vintage and modern printed cottons.
I think they'd look good on boy or girl babies. I tried to keep the colour schemes unisex.
Both the babygrows are now available in my shop.


  1. So sweet! What a wonderful design. Oh if this were a month ago I'd snap one of these right up for a new little babe in our family. I think she'll be too big now :(

  2. I had to say thank you for sewing the beautiful flowered bunting I am now looking foward to receive !

  3. you are so welcome!
    and thank you Joanie. x

  4. These are way cute! And in Canada we call these 'onesies'. Xo

  5. Those are just darling, I love them! And here in the U.S we call them "onesies"; I have not heard the term "babygrows" for these, but I like it!