Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Small stitches, small bunting

I know have 3 strings of bunting in the shop. Last week I showed a glimpse of my crafting lunch breaks and commute. I completed these 3 pieces of miniature bunting. My favourite is the navy one in the first picture, I love that Liberty floral print and I like how it matches the navy gingham.
You can see the bunting has been sewn together by hand. I like the little coloured stitches standing out on the binding, and the way they aren't perfect.
All the bunting has been made with a mixture of modern and vintage fabrics and most of the triangles were sewn together by hand on.
They where a fun little project to do whilst travelling. They fitted into my little sewing pouch and I could just get it out and do a bit of stitching (as soon as I had a seat on the tube!). Each one is available here.


  1. Very pretty. I especially like the linen and vintage floral bunting.

  2. they are so wonderful and the fact that they were hand sewn while on your way back and forth on the tube makes them extra special.

  3. I love it ! I just have order one ! Happiness !

  4. they are all so cheerful, Jill !! way to go for handstitching them all, I'm not that brave a girl LOL
    I simply adore the contrasting stitches on the binding, it looks really terrific ! :)