Saturday, 12 February 2011

Around the flat

This week during the daily commute, I've been working on miniature bunting which I started a while ago. It's always nice to return to ideas and work on them. I've completed three bunting in a variety of olous and patterns. Today I was taking photos to put them in the shop and played around with where to take photos in the flat.

In the bedroom?

On the bird wall?

In the living room?

Or above the kitchen sink?
I decided the bedroom was the best spot and took photos of all three bunting in that spot. I hope to put all three in the shop tomorrow morning. Hope you are all enjoying your weekends.


  1. i like each of the spots.
    They are all special in their own way.
    But your bed looks really amazing!!!

  2. Yes, I like it best in front of the mirror. :) So pretty!

  3. These are so sweet Jill. I love all of the apartment scenes too. I like the bedroom shot too, glad you captured the sun while we had it! just tried to open the door to the back garden and the wind was soooooo strong I had to push my whole wwight against it and the dog was afraid to go out. So...

    Today I saw a garden table fly across the grass like a leaf.

  4. I adore your wall mirror, it's identical to one my grandparents had when I was a child back in Liverpool. That picture brought back some very fond memories.


  5. Mini bunting, such a simple, but effective way of it very much!

  6. like Margie said, it looks perfect no matter the place you hang it
    but I really love that warm glow in your bedroom, it really looks superb <3
    happy new week, Jill
    and may your heart be filled with love, today and everyday