Monday, 17 January 2011

Today Geninne of 'Gennine's Art Blog' Saw....

Introducing the new project I told you about yesterday. Drum role please..... I'll be asking other bloggers to create their own Today I Saw and they'll kindly answer questions about the things they see in their life that inspire them! Sounds good, right?

First up, the wonderful Geninne of 'Geninne's Art Blog'! I (and many others) am so inspired by Geninne's colourful paintings of birds and the natural world. It's obvious in Geninne's colourful art work that she has a positive attitude to life and sees so much beauty around her. I often go to her flickr to be transported to her creative and beautiful home in Mexico. The work (and wonderfully positive attitude) of Geninne is so inspiring that I'm honoured to have her here on Today I Saw. Thank you so very much Geninne for taking part.

Geninne, could you please tell us about your postcard and what you have chosen to draw?
I needed a few pretty sheets of papers for a very cool new project I'm working on and it's always a treat to walk by the isles with rows and rows of different papers from which to choose from at our local art supply shot and I guess it was the first image that came to my mind when I was thinking about what to draw on my postcard.

And, have you decided who you will be sending it to?
I'll do a giveaway at my blog and send it to one of my lovely readers.

What is the first thing you see each morning?
My wonderful husband Manolo.

What do you see when you are sat at your computer, working on your blog?
I have a very high window in front of my desk where I can see up the hill, the sky and my neighbor's beautiful cactus garden. At eye level I can see my two handsome boys working away at their desks.

Geninne, readers of your blog love your colourful paintings of birds and wildlife. What do you see that inspires you to use such wonderful, vibrant colours?
The colors of Mexico have always been a huge source of inspiration. This country is vibrant, warm and happy.

Please think of a journey that you take often. It can be long or short. What do you see on that journey?
I see lots of different cactus and succulents, patches of purple lavender, white herons, great-tailed grackles and if I'm very lucky I see a couple of vermillion flycatchers.

I often carry a notebook and pen with me, to take note of any interesting sights I see. Do you have any particular materials that you always take with you?
My camera! and if I'm not carrying my camera I'm always shooting photos in head.

Could you describe some things you see every day that you feel are important to you and your life?
My boy's smiling faces, my husband's loving look and my very happy border collie called Turbo wagging his tail furiously.

And finally, please tell us one thing that you saw recently which stayed in your memory.
A hawk and two ravens fighting for territory outside our house. It was like watching a World War II documentary about fighter jets! The hawk being the Red Baron of course.

Thank you Geninne. It was a delight to read your answers and to hear about the things you see in your life and your picture is wonderful ~ you'll have a very lucky reader!


  1. so great to see geninne's postcard and read her answers. what an inspiring life- i'd love to go to mexico one day.

  2. Jill this is so much fun to see. Geninne's postcard is gorgeous too.
    This shall be a very fun series to watch.
    Happy Monday to you,

    PS, loving those nails of yours too :)

  3. this is such a great project! thank you for introducing me to her lovely blog! oh - and your new site looks really beautiful - i love the little drawings everywhere.

  4. aww, what can I say about this new series of interviews ?? I love it all ! and Geninne being the first, hurray !!! Her drawing is so colorful & delicious !
    thank you Jill & thank you Geninne for sharing this with us <3

  5. Great concept Jill!
    And the way your blog is looking... amazing!

    Maybe our Dutch group members of "This Week I Saw" can participate as well? There are 38 of us :-)

  6. Thank you - Gennine is very talented!

  7. i LOVE your new look!! It is amazing. As is Geninne. I can't wait to see mexico through my own eyes.

  8. great jill!
    great drawing from geninne - I enjoyed reading her answers.

  9. Thank you so much for inviting me to play Jill :) I had a lot of fun doing making the postcard and answering all those fun questions! Your new Blog look is wonderful!
    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments ♥

  10. Lovely interview! I am a fan of Geninne,too! But I also loved your four easons and ordered them from Arounna!Ariadne from Greece!

  11. Thank you everyone for your positive comments. I'm so happy and excited about the new project.
    Margie, I can't wait to see all your photos from the visit!
    Joanie, the nails are Geninne's but I think I'd like to do mine now!
    Ariadne, thank you so much for purchasing the four seasons prints. We both really appreciate your support. x

  12. It's really great to see and hear more about Geninne and what a great concept, "today I saw". Really helps people to take notice of what's around them. Thanks for posting!

  13. hi jill,
    this is my first time here & i absolutely LOVE it.
    wow, what a great & simply idea to remind us of all the wonderful things in life. So inspiring!
    love from,

    ( come visit :)

  14. What a fantastic idea! I've been following Geninne's blog for a while and I really do love all of her work.

  15. great choice in Artist. I love her birds!

  16. Just came visiting from Gennine's Art Blog and I love your blog!!! Fabulous!!!

  17. I really appreciate Gennine's work and I think it is such a perfect choice for this new feature on your blog!! I am excited to see who else joins in the fun! ~ Heidi

  18. I've always been a big fan of her birds, it was so interesting to learn more about her from the interview =)

  19. Jill - what a lovely theme ! And also enjoyed reading Gennine's answers. I am a big fan of her work and when I move house in a couple of weeks I'm looking forward to choosing a spot for a couple of her "birdies" :)

  20. Lovely reading Jill, what a great idea :) xx

  21. Cool project and very interesting blog! :)

  22. Great new look, your inspiring me to get a move on this year and start being more creative again, I'd lost my buzz coming up to Christmas. Thank you.
    Great postcard Geninne.

  23. What a fun idea. Great choice of Gennine for the postcard. Her work always inspires me.

  24. This is my first time to visit and I don't know what your blog looked like before, but I really like how it looks now! So refreshing! Patsy from

  25. Hey Jill :) What a great new project you are working on! I just love the first 'Today I saw' from Geninne. She's such an inspiring lady...